WebSphere Application Server Questions [part-2]

1. What is the difference b/n web and app servers

2. What are the new features in WAS ND 6.1

3. How many types of profiles are available in WAS ND6.1

4. What is a Cell

5. What is NodeAgent

6. What is DMGRs default admin port

7. What are the pre-perquisites for installing WAS

8. While installing WAS, if the installation fails and no logs are found. Which location should you check for the details

9. While installing WAS, can we create any CELL in WAS ND 6.1

10. After installing WAS, you found INSTALLCONFPATIALSUCCESS in the install log, what does it mean?

11. While installing as non-root, can WAS detect other existing WAS installations

12. Which file hold the existing WAS installation details

13. After installation you found that some ports are conflicting, how do you change/update the ports

14. Where do you find the installation logs

15. if the DMGR is not running, can you start the other JVMs?

16. While installing using silent installation method, if you do not wish to install sample applications. Which parameter should you change in the response file?

17. You have been asked to install WAS and create a CELL profile, how many response files do you need?

18. How do you get a new nodeagent

19. After you install the WAS, how do you verify the installation

20. How do you delete a profile?


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