WebSphere Application Server Questions [part-3]

1. what is the difference b/n managed and unmanaged node
managed node has a nodeagent

2. Which is the tool provided by IBM for key management in IHS/WAS

3. what is a virtual host ? what are the default virtual hosts in WAS
admin_host, proxy_host, default_host

4. where do you find the port numbers of a JVM (config file name)

5. which component initilizes the sync process in a cell

6. you have edited some config files at JVM level, and the JVM was restarted after some time. What will happen to the changes you done to JVM config files
changes will be discarded as the sync is one way (from DMGR)

7. How do you administrate a webserver from websphere admin console
create a webserver definition and add it as managed/unmanaged node

8. what is the name of the plug-in configuration file

9. You have added a new virtual host to the WAS, what should you do for the webserver to be aware of this addition
generate and propagate the plugin

10. describe the steps to configure SSL b/n WAS and IHS

11. how do you take backup of all the config files of a profile
run backupconfig from profile bin

12. how do you apply a fixpack
– Stop all the JVM/Node/DMGR on which you are going to apply fixpack
– first check and update the update installer
– Place the .pak files in maintenance folder of updateinstaller directory
– create the response files
– run ./update.sh -silent -options”path-to-responsefile”
– check the versioninfo fron the WAS bin directory

13. How do you generate a cell level plugin configuration file
in console…. check under administration section

14. If nodeagent is stopped, can you perform the sync
in adminconsole Answer is No
and if we r doing syncnode by command mode then
Nodeagent should be stopped..

15. How do you federate a node to cell
addnode command


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