WebSphere Application Server Questions [part-4]

how do you create a cluster

go to servers -> clusters-> new ->give cluster_name->define first member->define other members->finish

how do you add a new cluster member
go to servers -> clusters->cluster_name ->cluster members ->new ->give name/node/others->apply->ok->save

one of the cluster member (jvm) is having issues. To troubleshoot the issue, you decided to take it out of the cluster. How do you do that?
Make its runtime weight to 0

In a complex environment, there are 10 machines. Machine A is having 8GB RAM and machine B having 2GB of RAM. The administrator decided to send twice as many request as machineB to machineA. How can he achive it?
give machineA twice the weight as machineB

After making some changes on a cluster, it is required to recycle/restart all the cluster JVMs. The lead admin told you to make sure that there should not be any downtime during this recycle. Which option do you use to achieve it?

A large application which has 5web modules has been deployed on to a cluster. After some months, the developer asked you to update on of the 5web modules. How do you do it?

can you change the cluster name, once it was created



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