WebSphere Application Server Questions (part-6)

1) What is the default user registry, if you enable Global Security at the time of installation
Its federated repositories…. actually it is a file

2) Which commands require username/password , if you enable admin security
all stop* , syncNode, addNode(?)

3) When can you enable global security?
– while installing
– After installation also

4) Does enabling admin security needs j2ee security to be enabled?

5) Does enabling admin security enables j2ee security?

6) What is the most important step to do, if you change your user repository.
recycle all the JVMs. otherwise the key tokens will not be updated for the new repo

7) who can change admin security settings?

8) what is the tool supplied by IBM for SSL management in Websphere

9) How do you change the cell wide SSL?

10) how do you replace the default plugin-key.kdb file with new kdb file?

11) can we use diffrent SSL for nodes and plugin ?


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