WebSphere FAQs… you don’t ask because they might think you don’t know basics: Part-4

This is 4th part in this series.

The following is a link to IBM developerWorks article which covers many FAQs on security.

List of Questions

  1. When does WebSphere Application Server contact the registry for user
  2. Does WebSphere Application Server work with NIS?
  3. What are my options if I want to turn on security with a non-administrator account in a Windows environment?
  4. What are my options if I want to turn on security with a non-root server ID in a UNIX environment?
  5. Will Local OS authentication work in a distributed environment?
  6. My users authenticate with one userid but I want them to be identified with another ID from LDAP. Is that possible?
  7. When using a federated repository, is there a way to ensure that my file-based registry will continue to function when a LDAP server is down?
  8. Why do I need to enable SSO when using form-based login in my WebSphere Application Server application?
  9. I want to force my users to login again after a set “inactivity timeout” period. How is WebSphere Application Server supposed to work with regard to session timeouts and LTPA timeouts?
  10. Is there anything I can do to prevent my LTPA keys from becoming out of sync between my cells?
  11. Can a WebSphere Application Server cell span multiple DNS domains?
  12. Why is SWAM usage discouraged?
  13. When should I use a custom login module versus a TAI to assert identity information?
  14. How do I change my passwords (database, LDAP, and so on) without causing an outage?
  15. What WebSphere Application Server proprietary extensions provide for J2EE security?
  16. Does WebSphere Application Server support CA Siteminder?
  17. WebSphere Application Server stores passwords XOR encoded. I’d like to use something stronger. What can I do?
  18. How can I debug the Java 2 security exceptions and AccessControlExceptions?
  19. Is there any documentation available on how best to configure Microsoft Active Directory with WebSphere Application Server?

Link to document



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