WebSphere Application Server Troubleshooting, Part-0: IBM Support Assistant

This is a new series on the blog which deals with troubleshooting tools and techniques in WebSphere Application Server [WAS] administration. During this series of the articles, i’ll guide you through different tools available for troubleshooting issues like heap issues, hung threads, memory analysis, performance analysis etc..

The first and important tool is “IBM Support Assistant Workbench”.

What is IBM support assistant?

From IBM site – a complimentary software offering which provides you with a workbench to help you with problem determination. With a focus on quickly finding key information, automating repetitive steps and arming you with a variety of serviceability tools, you’ll be prepared for self-analysis and diagnosis of problems and faster time to resolution.

There is good amount of information available on this tool ,so i’m not going to write it again. Below are some of the good and best references to learn more about IBM support assistant.

1. IBM Support Assistant [ISA] quick start guide [mp3 from IBM support portal]

2. Downloading IBM Support assistant workbench [Video from sgwebsphere/youtube]

3. Installing and Running IBM Support assistant workbench

Download ISA from here: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/support/isa


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