Hung thread detection policy in WebSphere Application Server

The hung thread detection policy in websphere application server lets you detect the hung threads by sending notifications in the log files. You can configure a hang detection policy to, accommodate your applications and environment so that potential hangs can be reported, providing earlier detection of failing servers. Using a hang thread detection policy you can specify a time that is too long for a unit of work to complete. A thread monitor will check all the threads in the systems.

Hang thread detection option is enabled by default. You can adjust the values of the detection policy or disable it by using the below procedure.

  • Navigate to Servers –> Applicaiton Servers –> server_name –> administration –> custom properties
  • Add the following 4 custom properties
# Property Description Default
A  How frequently thread monitor should check all the managed threads for hung threads 180
B  After how many seconds a thread can be considered as hung 600
C The number of times that false alarms can occur before automatically increasing the threshold (T) 100
D  when set to ‘true’, creates a java core when a hung thread is detected false
  • Click OK and save the changes.
  • Sync the changes and restart the servers for the changes to take effect.

False Alarms:

What happens if a thread eventually finishes its work after it been reported as hung? This situation is called a ‘false alarm’. A large number of these events indicate that the threshold value is too small. The hang detection facility can automatically respond to this situation. For every (T) false alarm, the threshold is increased by a factor of 1.5

Notifications for J2EE applications:

The notifications from the hand thread detector will appear in the log file.

Hung thread report  WSVR0605W Thread ‘thread_name’ has been active for ‘xxx sec’ and may be hung.  There are ‘N’ threads in total in the server that may be hung.
False Alarm  WSVR0606W Thread ‘thread_name’ was previously reported to be hung but has completed. It was active for approximately ‘yyy sec’. There are ‘N’ threads in total in the server that still may be hung.
Auto adjustment  WSVR0607W Too many thread hangs have been falsely reported.  The hang threshold is now being set to ‘zzz sec’.

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