WebSphere Application Server v6.1 Fix pack silent installation notes

This is for all the readers who are using WebSphere Application Server v6.1. Below are the detailed instructions on how to install a fix pack using silent installation method.

Update Installer

Now you’ve downloaded the required fix pack files and update installer.

Installing Update Installer

  • Unpack the downloaded update installer file.
  • It creates a directory with name ‘updateinstaller’
  • Go to update install directory and look for ‘responsefile.updiinstaller.txt’ file. This file is template for silent installation.
  • Now open responsefile.updiinstaller.txt for editing
    • First you need to accept the license by changing below option to true.
      • -OPT silentInstallLicenseAcceptance
    • If you are installing as non-root, Uncomment the following.
      • -OPT allowNonRootSilentInstall=”true”
    • If you want to disable operating system prerequisite checking, uncomment the following line
      • -OPT disableOSPrereqChecking=”true”
    • If you want to disable the checking for existing Update Installer, uncomment the following line
      • -OPT disableEarlyPrereqChecking=”true”
    • Specify the install location of the product [installation directory for update installer]
      • -OPT installLocation=”WebSphere_root/UpdateInstaller”.
  • Now run the following command to install update installer silently [from the unpacked update installer directory]
    • install -silent –options “response_file_name”
  • This will install the update installer in websphere_root/UpdateInstaller

Download the fixpack

Response files

Now we need to create the response files for installing/applying the fix packs

  • Copy the extracted .pak files from the fix packs to websphere_root/UpdateInstaller/maintenance
  • Go to websphere_root/UpdateInstaller/responsefiles
  • Look for install.txt file
  • Copy install.txt as was_response.txt
  • Now open was_response.txt for editing
    • If you like the installer to check the file permissions before proceeding to install, uncomment the following line
      • -OPT checkFilePermissions=”true”
    • Specify the maintenance package to be installed using the option.
      • -W maintenance.package= “websphere_root/UpdateInstaller/maintenance/WAS_FPxxxx.pak
    • If you like to disable checking  of pre-requisites, uncomment the following like.
      • -OPT disableNonBlockingPrereqChecking=”true”
    • Specify where the websphere installation is using the below option.
      • -W product.location=”websphere_root”.
  • Save the changes to the response file

Applying fix pack

  • Now run the following command to apply the fixpack to websphere application server.
  • Go to websphere_root/UpdateInsaller
  • update.sh -silent -options <responsefile/response_file_name>

For installing fix pack for other components, follow the above stop as described for websphere application server fixpack. All you need to change is the location of the product location and maintenance package file path/names.

Important Notes

  1. Before applying fix pack, please stop all the websphere process on that machine, which are going to be affected.
  2. If you apply the fix pack as ‘root’ to a websphere installation which was installed as non-root, post fix pack installation, the entire product will be owned by ‘root’
  3. Before deciding on a fix pack, look for any security fixes released for that fix pack.  For example If you install FP35 for websphere 6.1 , you need to install a security fix pack for JDK.

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