Self signed certificates using OpenSSL

The openssl toolkit is used to generate an RSA Private Key and a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). It can also be used to generate self-signed certificates which can be used for testing purposes or internal usage.

Step 1: Generate a Private Key
The first step is to create your RSA Private Key. This key is a 1024 bit RSA key which is encrypted using Triple-DES and stored in a PEM format so that it is readable as ASCII text.

openssl genrsa -des3 -out josephamrithraj.key 1024

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Application already exists in the configuration repository


you may get “Application already exists in the configuration repository” error while trying to deploy a application to websphere application server.

This error can come under following conditions:

  • Deploying an application and it already exists
  • Re-Deploying an application whose deployment failed before for some reason
  • undeployment failed but there is no reference of the application in admin console

For example, you are deploying a large application using wsadmin and got a soap timeout or out of memory before application is saved. Then you change the timeout/heap and try to deploy your applciation… in this case above error can come.

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