forgot websphere admin console password

When you enable the security on WebSphere Application Server [WAS], it will prompt you for authentication when you access admin console, stop server and wsadmin prompt. As we discussed earlier in other blog post about WebSphere Security, all the security related settings are stored in config file under Profile_root/config/cells/cell_name.  File name is security.xml. The workaround when the administrator forgot the password is to change the security settings by manually modifying the security.xml file

  1. Locate the security.xml file and take a backup of it
  2. open security.xml file for editing and search for enabled=”true”
  3. modify it to enabled=”false” [you need to do this only for the very first occurrence of enabled=”true” ]
  4. Restart the servers
    1. Note: since you do not have the password you cannot stop the servers, so use KILL command
  5. Log into admin console
  6. Enable Security again
  7. Restart the servers.

4 thoughts on “forgot websphere admin console password

  1. I have multiple security.xml files, might be b/c i have webshpere application server 7.5 with websphere sphere portal server integrated.
    Will appreciate if get the exact path which security.xml file property should change.

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