Lets get some LIBERTY!

Lets learn Liberty profile .. before end of this year.

To start with …watch the below two videos. Then i’ll put a series of posts about how to download, install, configure liberty profile.


Liberty profile vs Tomcat


Difference between High Availability and Work Load management

Someone asked this questions on a forum

difference between High Availability and Work Load management ?

I tried to make it simple and easily understandable. So don’t take this as definition 🙂

Work Load management – How you distribute the load and manage it.
High Availability – How much time your solution/application is available.

Say you have an application. You define that this application must be available 364 days in a year. That is application’s availability. How do you achieve this? Create a failover system, backup plan, monitoring etc ..

Now you need the response time to be 1-2 seconds. This is not covered in above statement of availability. How do you achieve this then? you take multiple servers and distribute the incoming load among them to maintain the response time you need.

IBM Installation Manager for dummies

IBM installation manager (IM) is a centralized solution managing WebSphere, rational and tivoli software on a machine. IM can perform installations, modify and update existing installation and un-installation of the products. IM also has a feature to manage the license of the software installed.
Note: There can only be one IM per machine
Installing IM is straight forward. However you need to be aware of few directories that IM will use.  Read More »